Automated External Defibrillation (AED)

Got defibs? Ensure they’re used.

This ½ -day defibrillator (AED) course provides training for anyone who may need to use a defibrillator. Many more AEDs are sited within the workplace and the community today. But this step alone is not enough. It’s essential that people feel confident to use these AEDs since using one in the event of a cardiac arrest can significantly increase survival prospects.

What do you learn?

The AED course enables individuals to know when and how to use an AED:

  • When would I use my AED?
  • CPR & recovery position … quick recap
  • How to use my AED safely
  • I’ve used my AED … now what?
  • General maintenance tips

Assessment and certification

This standalone AED course has been developed by Good Skills Training to provide staff with the practical skills and confidence to use an AED in an emergency. It is based upon Resuscitation Council UK best practice. Training is completed in line with Good Skills standards and a certificate is awarded upon successful completion. This course can be renewed every three years by taking another course and annual refresher training is recommended.

Unlike our other courses, this practical course is not accredited by an awarding body. However, AED use is now part of our 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work course and our 3-day First Aid at Work course which are accredited by the First Aid Industry Body.